Frequently Asked Questions

q. Where are your gowns available?

a. Carrafina gowns are available exclusively in retail stores worldwide.  Please visit your local retailer to inquire about Carrafina.

q. Can I buy your gowns online?

a. To protect the integrity of the brand name, Carrafina gowns are sold exclusively through retail brick and mortar stores.  To ensure authenticity of any designer, we warn you against purchasing your wedding gown online.  Trust us, it's not worth the risk.

q. Why are your gown pictures not online?

a. Your wedding gown is one of the most important purchases of your life.  Selecting your wedding gown should be done in person, so you can see the quality, construction and styling in person, as well as how a particular gown will look on your individual body type.  Pictures cannot convey the touch, feel and fit of a gown. 

q. I just bought my gown and would like to order a fabric swatch and maybe some extra appliques.  Can I order through you?

a. That's no problem!  Please visit the retailer you purchased from, and they will assist you with your needs.

q. Do you offer plus sizes?

a. Yes!  Our sizes are from 0-32.  If you need a size other than these, please notify your retailer.

q. Do you customize?

a. Yes!  We can accommodate most custom changes.  Please work with your retailer to customize your dream gown.